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This is my personal project. A blog about how to take a good care of a dog or I call it pawrenting 101. This blog Luca.my.id is build in 2022 using wordpress. Dedicated to help Indonesian dog owner to find valuable and credible information about dog pawrenting. 

The task for this project is quite simple. First, create a wordpress blog. Second, create a valuable content. And third is make people find it on google. 

Visit My Blog here at Luca.my.id 

WordPress Development Breakdown


The task for this project is to develop a blog about dogs in general and golden retrievers specifically, catering to Indonesian dog lovers.


Currently, there are no blogs or websites solely dedicated to discussing dogs without promoting them as products for sale. This blog will focus on dogs as dogs, providing information on topics such as dog training, puppy selection, and dog adoption.

The Challange 

  • Luca.my.id is a new blog
  • Only have 3 backlink
  • No page authority

The Solution 

I make some action plan to tackle this challenge and to gain traffic for Luca.my.id blog. 

  1. Main SEO Optimization
    1. Competitor research 
    2. Explore link building opportunities
    3. Keyword research for blog and all digital presence
    4. Technical SEO audit and fix all the warning 
    5. Optimize blog meta title and meta description
  2. Blog Creation
    1. Build a content strategy 
    2. Build content planning 
    3. Create an effective content brief 
    4. Create SEO-friendly content 
    5. Blog SEO audit

To be continued with the implementation and result…


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