Pet Meal Box Website

This PetMeal Box is my latest project. Starting in early July 2023, the first step of this project is to create a website for new homemade pet food in Jakarta. And continue with optimizing for search engine, improve the search visibility, capture quality web traffic and convert web visitor into customer.

About the Client

PetMeal Box is a new small local pet food producer in Jakarta, Indonesia. They make a variety of freshly cooked homemade food for cats and dogs. Their menu is using high quality local ingredients, single protein and vet approved recipes.

They are a new contender in this industry. So they have to grab the dog and cat lovers community attention, fast.

PetMeal Box Website

Website Link

The Challenges

PetMeal Box is totally new comer in this industry. The challenges is how to give them digital presence, produce a significant traffic tho their website, and change it to customer.

The Solution

I identified 3 stages to give them digital presence boost for their brand.

Stage 1. Create Digital Presence

  1. Conduct competitor research
  2. Explore link-building opportunities
  3. Design the website structure
  4. Run keyword research for site’s homepage and overall digital presence
  5. Develope the website
  6. Create social media account
  7. Conduct a technical SEO audit
  8. Optimize the bakery’s meta title and meta description
  9. Setup PetMeal Box Google Business profile and register for local directories

Stage 2. Blog Creation and Optimization

  1. Find relevant blog topics
  2. Build a content strategy
  3. Choose impactful blog theme
  4. Create an effective content brief
  5. Carry out a blog SEO audit
  6. Create SEO-friendly content

Stage 3. Ecommerce Section Optimization

  1. Create and optimize ecommerce page and product cards
  2. Set up ecommerce analytics

The project is still on going, so bear with me for the update

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